Monday, June 13, 2011

Rakhain is a small tribe of BURMA

Rakhain is a small tribe of BURMA (MYANMAR) origin belonging to the Bhotbarmi community of the Mongoloids.

In the eighteenth century, many Rakhain people migrated from their homeland in Arakan province of Burma because of political turmoil and they gradually settled in different areas of COX'S BAZAR and PATUAKHALI DISTRICT OF BANGLADESH. The census of 1991 recorded the number of Rakhain population in Bangladesh at about 7,000.They are citizens of Bangladesh.

Though Buddhists by religious faith, Rakhains, like other tribes and sub-tribes, believe in superstitions, MAGIC and supernatural powers. They lead very simple lives. The language of Rakhains belongs to the Bhotbarmi group of languages.

Rakhain children start their education at Buddhist primary school or khyangs (monastery). They receive both religious and linguistic education there.They have rich culture and heritage.The songs of Rakhains are melodious.

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